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Over the last twenty five years the intragastric balloon has proved to be the most effective non-surgical method of treating obesity. More than 200,000 patients have achieved an average weight loss of more than 20kg during the first six months of treatment.

How does it work?
The gastric balloon is filled with saline and sits in the stomach for six to twelve months resulting in an average weight loss of 20 to 30 Kg at 6 months. It drastically reduces the sensation of appetite due to the volume it occupies in the stomach. It slows stomach emptying, keeping blood sugar levels stable, thereby reducing the sensation of hunger. It eliminates the vicious cycle of 'hunger, anxiety, hunger' and provides control from the very beginning.

What does the procedure involve?
A deflated balloon is inserted into the stomach through an endoscope. The balloon is then filled with saline to produce a feeling of fullness.  The balloon is inserted under deep sedation given by anesthesit and takes about twenty minutes. The patient stays in the hospital for around two hours.

What about aftercare?
Patients have regular follow-up appointments with a dietician and specialist nurse to learn about healthy nutrition and exercise. After six to twelve months, the balloon is removed.

Who is the balloon suitable for?
It is suitable for patients over eighteen with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 29 or more. Calulate your BMI online.

Types of baloons.
There are two types of gastric baloons available
  • Fixed volume baloon: in these volume of inflation is fixed and cannot be adjusted after insertion. Usual volume of inflation is 400-500 ml and these types of baloons are removed after six months.
  • Variable volume baloon: in these volume of inflation could be adjusted after insertion without taking it out. These could be safely kept in stomach for twelve months. They are initially infalted with 400 ml and then could be increased up to 800 ml later to increase weight loss. These have to be removed after maximum of twelve months.

Diet After Gastric Baloon
Click here to download diet brochure.

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